Measurement at home
Measurement at home
Postgraduate Institute for Measurement Science

PGI training

Developing knowledge and skills in measurement science and its application

Developing industry-ready professionals

The PGI aims to create a step change in the supply of highly skilled measurement experts that meets industrial needs. By delivering technical education alongside the UK’s world-leading academic sector, as well as stimulating a long-term increase in industry investment for skills development, the PGI will lead to enhanced levels of innovation and increased productivity.   

The postgraduate courses, created by the PGI and NPL, aim to develop and nurture world-class researchers to achieve a mastery of scientific methodologies. Through developing knowledge and skills in measurement science and its application, students will learn to bring innovation and science advancement to their field of research/industry.

The programme will provide a foundation for good practice in the following areas:

  • The role of metrology and its worldwide relevance
  • The International System of Units (SI) and the base units
  • An understanding of measurement uncertainty and its sources
  • Fundamental principles of the SI units and techniques for their measurement
  • A deeper understanding of instrumentation and sensor systems
  • Ways to improve measurement results
  • Statistical concepts and the main stages of uncertainty evaluation

Book your training

  • Review which courses you would like to take and over what time period – confirm suitability of courses with your supervisors.  
  • Send an email requesting registration on your selected courses.

Our team will contact you with either confirmation of registration or a request for further information. 

Not a member of the PGI?  We can create bespoke training courses for industry or academia, including Centres for Doctoral Training. Contact us to discuss your specific training requirements.


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