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Annual Review 2020

Skills and learning 2018/19

We provide the skills and training needed to drive productivity in the UK

Embedding metrology skills in the UK

With more than a century of experience, we pride ourselves on our world-class measurement skills. We enable UK industry to benefit from these vital skills by providing businesses with training. Ranging from early interest to expert level, we help to improve quality, productivity and global competitiveness. We aim to inspire all scientists, technologists and engineers. 

Measurement and calibration training

NPL is committed to sharing its expertise with industry to build and enhance its measurement skills and capabilities. Metrology, the science of measurement, enables employees to apply good practice, question and improve processes and has a direct impact on productivity and profitability.

We work with companies who require absolute confidence in their measurements and sensing applications, across all industry sectors. Our training covers the importance of metrology, advancements in measurement science and the application of good measurement practices.

Training for apprentices

NPL apprenticeships deliver measurement skills for a wide range of sectors, including manufacturing. We have created a Level 3 training programme to support the Institute for Apprenticeships & Technical Education’s Metrology Technician Standard, which is the ideal route into skilled employment for technicians working in research, laboratories or measurement and quality related roles. Find out more

Postgraduate Institute for Measurement Science

The Postgraduate Institute for Measurement Science (PGI) is a pioneering initiative equipping the UK with an exceptionally skilled workforce ready to tackle real life industrial challenges. The vision of the PGI is to be the number one institute for postgraduate research and training in measurement science.

The PGI has continued to develop and sustain a pipeline of industry-ready researchers, adding more than 100 PhD graduates since 2015 to the pool of researchers in measurement science that have benefited from the unique training and cohort experience at NPL. In 2019 many of the new studentship projects are linked to industry, which allows NPL to play a role in generating wider impact and connections from PhD research. Out of the over 200 studentships that have run during 2019, 13% have been supported by industry via additional funding and supervision.

The PGI’s coordination of NPL’s involvement in EPSRC’s CDT call in 2018 resulted in NPL supporting 40 bids at full proposal stage of which 16 were funded. The PGI has also raised the profile of NPL as a training organisation leading on industrially relevant high-level skills. The growing provision of PGI training now covers relevant technical and professional skills training based on an ongoing evaluation of Post Graduate Researcher needs and is coordinated and delivered nationally to ensure an inclusive approach for researchers wherever they are based. Find out more

Annual Review 2020

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