Quantum technology

Superconducting nano-devices

Designing, fabricating and measuring components and circuits based on superconducting devices 

Josephson junctions can be realised as very small constrictions, forming weak links in a single layer of superconducting film. This has the dual benefit of a much simpler fabrication process and the ability to create circuits on the micrometre scale. NPL is carrying out research into fabrication methods in order to obtain the required reproducibility of the weak link parameters and also thermal modelling to understand the heat flow in these devices.

We have recently used Shapiro steps in junction current-voltage characteristics to infer the junction temperature, which is a significant achievement. NPL is exploring the application of superconducting nano-devices to quantum voltage metrology, superconducting circuits for rapid switching of single flux quanta (RSFQ) and parametric amplification at the quantum limit.

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Connor Shelly

Higher Research Scientist

Connor joined NPL in 2014 to work on superconducting nanodevices with a focus on Josephson effect physics.

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