Medical imaging accelerator for industry

The need

Robust and reliable measurements are an essential component of bringing new healthcare products to market, for supporting clinical trials and ensuring effective healthcare practices.

NPL's Medical Imaging Accelerator, supported by a £9M Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund programme, will ensure that UK companies help define research to develop new capability. These latest measurement techniques and best practice will then be developed and widely adopted for innovative imaging technologies, to accelerate development and adoption.

The impact

NPL is working closely with UK businesses of all sizes in the medical imaging and diagnosis sectors and supply chains, as well as universities and the NHS, to accelerate projects such as:

  • Making smart test phantoms, which mimic anatomical human tissue, for quality assuring imaging systems such as nuclear medicine and MRI machines
  • Optimising the design of ultrasound probes to improve image quality
  • Understanding and analysing imaging data better, to improve speed and accuracy of diagnosis
  • Developing imaging for drug and protein localisation to reduce late stage attrition in drug development

NPL is growing the economic impact and competitiveness of UK medical imaging companies by carrying out measurement research in response to productivity challenges. Leveraging these new capabilities positions industry to increase productivity, and measurement data provides confidence, facilitating rapid clinical take-up. Through apprenticeships and training, NPL will help businesses build the skills needed to succeed in the long term.

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