Measurement for our planet
Measurement for our planet

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Radioactivity services

Solid reference material

Ensuring accurate measurements

NPL’s solid reference materials contain radionuclides at or near the working level for use by laboratories making measurements of radioactivity relevant to environmental monitoring, decommissioning and NORM.

Reference materials are vital for accuracy in measurements relating to the decommissioning and environmental monitoring sectors. We can supply both natural and artificially spiked reference materials that reflect samples which are taken from both the environment and nuclear sites.

This list has materials prepared for the solid reference material proficiency test exercises, which are available.

Matrix Description


Activity concentration per radionuclide Bq g-1

Nominal mass g

Synthetic sand (2009)

133Ba, 134Cs, 137Cs and 152Eu

4.8 – 12


Synthetic sand (2010)

60Co, 137Cs, 152Eu, 154Eu and 241Am

1.9 – 17


Synthetic sand (2011)

60Co, 137Cs, 234U, 235U, 236U and 241Am

0.3 – 10


Vitreous material (2014)

60Co, 152Eu and 241Am

0.7 – 3


Cement (2015)

137Cs and other radionuclides

65 – 200


Ion exchange resin (2016)

60Co, 137Cs and 241Am

1 - 5


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