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Assessing the performance of the radioactivity measurement community in the UK

These exercises started in 1989, with the increase in public concern about radioactivity in the environment, particularly after the Chernobyl accident. The aim was to assess the performance of the radioactivity measurement community in the UK. More recently, participation in the exercises has become an important aspect of UKAS accreditation in this field. The exercises are run on an annual basis by NPL.

The samples are dispatched to the participants, who are given approximately four months to analyse the samples and submit the results to us.


The 2018 Environmental Radioactivity Proficiency Test Exercise (PTE 2018) is now complete and the final report NPL Report IR 56 is now available.

The results of PTE 2018 will be presented at the next UK National Conference on Applied Radiation Metrology (CARM 2019) at NPL in January 2020. Further details of CARM 2019 will be announced soon.

Should you have any feedback regarding the operation of PTE 2018 please contact the NPL Corporate Assurance Team – Quality.

Note that reports on previous exercises are also available.

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