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Quantum technology

Nanomagnetism consultancy

Measuring magnetic fields with nanoscale resolution

NPL is the only company to offer calibrated measurement of magnetic field intensity with nanoscale resolution. We use magnetic force microscopy and magnetic property measurements to give:

  • Nanoscale resolution
  • Surface imaging
  • Field-dependent studies
  • Magnetic nanoparticle assessment

Supporting research

Nanoscale characterisation of magnetic fields is important for fundamental research on magnetics and magnetic devices. It includes:

  • Understanding of domain size and interaction between domains in permanent magnets
  • Understanding of the origin of magnetic losses and the relative importance of each type of loss in electrical steels for electric motors or transformers
  • Measurements of stray field which could improve numerical models to simulate memory devices for consumer electronics
  • Characterisation of local fields on magnetic field sensors

Confidence in product development  

Companies developing and producing products which rely on magnetism need to understand and measure magnetic properties in order to ensure quality control and develop new products. The properties may be measured either in the bulk material, which can be chopped into small quantities or polished into flat surfaces, or in nanostructures.

Products include:

  • Hard disk drives
  • Logic devices, like memory elements based on magneto resistive effects
  • Materials development for uses including permanent magnets or electric motor parts
  • Magnetic sensors
  • Products based on magnetic nanoparticles
  • Permanent magnets

Our unique facilities combined with the deep understanding of the technology, enables us to work with a diverse group of customers on cutting-edge developments. 

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