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Biometrology measurements

Protein crystallography

Understanding proteins on an atomic level

Protein crystallography is a valuable biophysical method which can be used to determine molecular structures of proteins. Understanding the structure-function relationships of pharmacologically relevant proteins on an atomic scale is essential and vital for many industrial and medical research programmes, where it plays a role in the development of new medicines, drug discovery and understanding how new therapeutics operate. Its success depends on obtaining good quality protein crystals.

As part of our state-of-the-art protein crystallography platform and capabilities, NPL can offer the following measurements services:

  • High throughput crystallisation in vapour diffusion (including dialysis), lipidic cubic phase (including for serial crystallography approaches), sponge phase and bicelles
  • Crystallisation of membrane proteins 
  • Crystallisation of protein-ligand complexes
  • Serial room-temperature crystallography
  • Structure determination

We can provide training in any of the techniques mentioned above. Our platform and services can be tailored according to the client needs, please contact us to discuss your exact requirements.

We have a range of equipment supporting this service including:

  • Crystallisation robotic systems including a Mosquito LCP (SPT)
  • Robotic liquid handler platform (Microlab STARLet/Hamilton)
  • Automated visualisation system based on three wavelengths detection (Formulatrix)
  • Automated visualisation system for batch crystallisation (SpectroLight 620/XtalConcepts)

Don’t see what you are looking for? Our diverse skill set enables us to provide bespoke solutions. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Case study

Validating a new dialysis-based protein crystallography methodology



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