Measurement for Quantum - M4Q
Measurement for Quantum - M4Q
Advanced materials characterisation

Advanced materials characterisation webinars

A new series of technical webinars 

We are internationally recognised for our practical and innovative work on advanced materials testing and characterisation of advanced composites, additive manufacturing and coatings. Our customers benefit from timely turnaround of NMI quality work, bringing greater cost effectiveness to their projects.

These free webinars provide the opportunity to draw on years of practical experience without leaving your desk. To participate, you only need a phone line and internet access.

Please note that registration is required.

Most webinars will run for 45 minutes and a copy of the presentation will be provided after the webinar, along with a recording which will be posted online and our YouTube channel.

Webinar: Tuesday 16th March 2021 3pm – 4pm GMT

Title: The use and advantages of small scale testing based around the ETMT technology.

Presenter: Dr Bryan Roebuck, NPL Emeritus Senior Fellow

                                                             Supported by Instron


Abstract: NPL developed a miniaturised thermomechanical test system, the ETMT, which was subsequently modified and now manufactured and promoted internationally by Instron Ltd.

The use of small scale and miniature test pieces has many advantages to material developers, designers, manufacturers and asset owners. The ETMT provides a route to testing small scale specimens using a wide range of possible test methods and approaches.

Clearly, there is an important issue of whether or not the data produced by the ETMT is accurate and comparable to that generated from more established techniques (such as tensile or TMF testing on conventional test frames).

This webinar will introduce the ETMT and test concepts and discuss some of the different approaches that can be used to characterise and understand material properties and performance. It will demonstrate how the ETMT has been validated against more conventional test methods and some examples will be discussed.


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