Paul Quincey

Paul Quincey

Principal Research Scientist

Paul Quincey is a Principal Research Scientist at NPL and he leads airborne particle measurement research within the Gas and Particle Metrology Group. In addition to his role at NPL, Paul is an ex officiomember of Defra's Air Quality Expert Group (AQEG).

Current interests

Paul leads the science within the Chemical and Biological Metrology Programme on airborne particle measurements, including the regulated metrics for mass concentration PM10 and PM2.5, particle number concentration and size distribution, elemental carbon/organic carbon, and 'soot' type measurements such as black carbon and black smoke. Linked to this work, he is involved in many national and international collaborative measurement activities through, for example, Defra, DfT, CCQM, EURAMET and EU projects.


Paul has a BA in Physics and a DPhil in superconducting materials, both from Oxford University. He has over twenty years' experience in gas and particle metrology and standardisation. He works with Defra and the Environment Agency and is currently responsible for the scientific aspects of two major contracts for Defra: the UK Particle Network, and the UK Black Carbon Network. He has previously worked on the UK Hydrocarbon Network and the Automatic Urban and Rural Network, which monitors most regulated gas pollutants and also PM10 and PM2.5.

He is a member of the CEN working groups for ambient air measurements of PM2.5 and PM10, elemental carbon/organic carbon, and particle number concentration, and of the ISO group addressing particle size distribution and number concentration for general applications, including vehicle emissions.

Paul is a Member of Institute of Physics and a Chartered Physicist.