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Martyn Sené

Martyn Sené

Deputy CEO

Martyn Sené has an MA in Natural Sciences (Physics) from the University of Oxford. Following a PhD in photonuclear physics at Edinburgh University, Martyn worked as a post-doc, based at Edinburgh, but collaborating with Nuclear Physics groups in Glasgow, Mainz and MIT. After Edinburgh, Martyn moved to Harwell to work on Nuclear Physics for the UK Fast Reactor Programme and on a wide variety of applications of nuclear technology (including being part of Harwell's 'cold fusion' team in 1989).

In the mid-1990s, AEA Technology was formed from the commercial teams of UKAEA. Martyn held a variety of technical and management positions at AEA Technology, where he attained the post of Managing Director, AEA Technology EBIS Ltd, a subsidiary of AEA Technology plc which provides an EB radiation processing service, carries out R&D into applications of electron accelerators and offers consultancy in radiation processing and related areas.

Martyn joined NPL as a Head of Centre, had extensive management experience in this role and was subsequently appointed Director of the Quality of Life Division, with executive responsibility for leading the Acoustics, Ionising Radiation, Optical Technologies, Scientific Computing, Analytical Science, Biotechnology and Environmental areas.

Martyn was elected Fellow of the Institute of Physics in 2004.

In 2008, following the departure of Steve McQuillan, Martyn became NPL's Interim Managing Director until Brian Bowsher's appointment in 2009, when Martyn then became Director of Operations, with additional responsibility for leading the Engineering Measurements, Materials, Time, Quantum and Electromagnetics areas.

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