Measurement for our planet
Measurement for our planet

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Jochen Kronjaeger

Jochen Kronjaeger

Senior Research Scientist

Jochen Kronjaeger is a Senior Research Scientist in the Optical Frequency Metrology group, where he leads the activities on optical fibre links for time and frequency comparison. Jochen has been involved in setting up and utilising NPL’s dedicated optical fibre link to Paris, which enables intercomparison of optical frequency standards with our European partners. He has led NPL participation in several European collaborative projects and is currently the coordinator of the TiFOON project (“Time and Frequency Over Optical Networks”).

Jochen joined NPL in 2013, having been a Research Fellow in the field of ultracold atom physics at the University of Birmingham. Previously he completed a PhD in physics (Dr. rer. nat.) at the University of Hamburg (Germany). Throughout his career, Jochen has accumulated comprehensive expertise in laser and fibre optics, photonics, and electronics. His specialist research expertise is techniques for long-distance optical frequency transfer using optical fibre links and optical time and frequency transfer techniques generally.

Areas of interest

  • Reliable, ultra-stable optical frequency comparison technology
  • Novel optical time and frequency transfer techniques
  • National and international fibre networks for time and frequency dissemination
  • Optical clocks and clock comparisons for a redefinition of the SI second
  • Development of low noise, high speed custom electronic instrumentation

Key publications

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