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Dr David A Humphreys

Dr David A Humphreys

Principal Research Scientist

Dr David A Humphreys received a BSc in electronic engineering from Southampton University in 1978 and a PhD in electronic engineering from London University in 1990. His thesis concerned the accurate measurement of high-speed optoelectronic devices at telecommunication wavelengths.

He joined NPL in 1978 and developed metrology for photodiodes at up to mm-wave frequencies, optical wavelength capabilities for optical communications and waveform metrology for RF communications.

David was the coordinator for the EMRP IND51 “Metrology for RF and Optical Communications” project (2013–2016).

He is Vice-Chair of the P1765 IEEE pre-standards group on “The uncertainties in Error-Vector-Measurement (EVM)”.

Dr Humphreys is a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of the IET (UK), a Senior Member of the IEEE (USA) and a Research Fellow at the University of Bristol, UK. He was awarded the IEE Ambrose Fleming Premium in 1987 and has published over 95 peer reviewed journal and conference papers.


Areas of interest

David has a long-term interest in applying metrology to optical and RF communication technologies.

His recent interests include full-waveform characterization of the primary-standard electro-optic sampling system, RF waveforms for wireless communications, uncertainty of Error-Vector Magnitude (EVM), New Radio techniques including 5G, nonlinear RF measurements, in particular the transfer of phase measurements, and correlated waveform uncertainties.

Outside NPL, David has been a member of the IET Surrey Branch committee since 1995.

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