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Arul Murugan

Arul Murugan

Senior Research Scientist

Dr Arul Murugan is a Senior Research Scientist at NPL and leads the energy gases area within the Gas and Particle Metrology Group. Arul manages the hydrogen purity laboratory and leads research activities in developing novel hydrogen purity analysis techniques to perform quality assurance of fuel cell hydrogen. As a UK expert on CEN/CENELEC SFEM WG on Hydrogen, Arul is currently working to identify the pre-normative metrology research required before we can start injecting hydrogen into European natural gas grids. He is also involved in gas metrology research for other energy gas areas including biogas/biomethane, odorants in energy gases and gas testing of hydrogen purifying membranes.

In addition to representing NPL at CCQM Gas Analysis Working Group and EURAMET TM-MC Sub-Committee on Gas Analysis, Arul is a member of the following committees:

  • ISO TC 197 (Hydrogen)
  • ISO TC 158 (Gas Analysis)
  • CEN TC 268 (Hydrogen)
  • CEN TC 408 (Biomethane)
  • BSI PVE/3/8 (Hydrogen)
  • BSI PTI/15 (Natural Gas and Gas Analysis)
  • CEN/CENELEC SFEM WG on Hydrogen
  • ASTM committee D03 (Gaseous Fuels)
  • Hydrogen London


Arul obtained his MEng in Chemical Engineering from Imperial College London in 2008 where, in his final year, he performed research on PVDF-g-POEM membranes for water filtration and worked in a team of chemical engineers to design a UK biomass-to-liquid chemical plant. He gained a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Newcastle University in 2011, where he researched novel methods for producing high purity hydrogen by chemical looping water splitting.

Arul is an associate member of the Institute of Chemical Engineers and City & Guilds of London Institute.