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Alissa Silva

Alissa Silva

Higher Research Scientist

Professional Experience: Contribution to the measurement of optical clocks at NPL, including absolute frequency and comparison to those in European NMIs via optical fibre links.

Development of highly stable Yb:fibre frequency combs as a postdoc in the Kobayashi Lab at the Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Tokyo.

Education: PhD in high spatial resolution infrared spectroscopy in the Nanophysics and Soft Matter Group at the University of Bristol.

MRes in Analytical Sciences and BSc in Chemistry, both awarded by the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1.

Areas of interest

Python, real-time data visualisation, redefining the second, Chi-2 nonlinear optics, frequency combs, time-domain frequency stability statistics, ytterbium-doped fibre laser systems, infrared spectroscopy, near-field optics, scientific illustrations, vegan gluten-free cake making and recipe books.

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