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NPL Open Day 2022

Friday 20th May

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NPL is celebrating World Metrology Day by opening our doors

The theme of the day is 'Metrology in the digital era'. Come and find out how we are supporting the UK’s digital revolution - in our homes, lives and workplaces.

Metrology, the science of measurement, enables pioneering digital technologies and allows research, innovation, manufacturing and trade to flourish in the UK. On World Metrology Day, May 20th, NPL is celebrating by opening our doors. Join us to find out how our scientists and engineers are supporting the UK’s digital journey, enabling innovation and improving the quality of our everyday lives using measurement science.

Meet the scientists, engineers and experts who are using underwater cables to detect earthquakes, working on satellites to look at the changes to our earth from space and using digital imaging to measure changes in structures over time.  

Visit the labs and see our science in action by watching a live simulation of road vehicle sensors used in driverless cars, seeing inside an MRI scanner and exploring the physics behind solar energy and the technologies that will help us reach net zero.

Take part in interactive activities, including making your own gas standard using balloons, creating a self-portrait with our AI artist and meeting our SI bots.

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With absolute mastery of the SI, the seven major units that measure mass, length, time, current, temperature, substance and luminosity, join the Keeper of Measurements in their quest.

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We are proud to be a world-class organisation doing exceptional science, and to have an atmosphere of support and collaboration. If you are energetic, imaginative and share our values, find out more about the careers on offer at NPL.