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NPL and ESA commit to TRUTHS Mission Accompanying Consolidation (TMAC) Study

The study will focus on ensuring the progression of the mission, scientifically and technically, to achieve its end goal of improving accuracy in Earth Observation data and driving improved confidence in climate change modelling and its predictions.

Utilising science and engineering conceived at NPL, the TRUTHS satellite mission forms part of the UK’s commitment to combat climate change. The primary objective of TRUTHS is the creation of a ‘climate and calibration observatory in space’ which will reduce uncertainty in the earth observing data, leading to improved confidence in decision making, particularly related to climate mitigation and adaptation strategies.  

The Accompanying Consolidation Study, which is being undertaken by experts from a consortium of European academic institutes led by NPL on behalf of the European Space Agency (ESA), aims to provide direct and comprehensive scientific and technology support to the TRUTHS mission.  

One of the key technical outputs of the TMAC study is a detailed review on the sources of uncertainty and support to ESA and the industrial consortium (led by Airbus Space and Defence Ltd) designing the mission, on the optimum compromises needed to meet the science goals in an affordable manner. The conclusion of this phase of the TMAC study together with that of the industrial A/B1 study will provide the detailed design, associated performance and cost of the full implementation of the TRUTHS mission.  This will allow UK and other ESA member states to take the decisions needed to build and ultimately launch the TRUTHS mission.    

Nigel Fox, NPL Fellow, states: “The TRUTHS mission will provide a step change in performance of EO data and our ability to utilise it to provide trustworthy information upon which to take action to mitigate and adapt to climate change with confidence. The TMAC study allows time efficient optimisation of the mission- a regular, open technical dialogue with ESA and the industrial consortium ensures that often subtle misunderstandings on criticalities and dependencies, between science and technical implementation can be resolved quickly reducing potential overdesign and unnecessary risk’. The novel metrology focus of the mission requires new insights and mindsets and the TMAC study is also being used to enhance this thinking both in industry and ESA as a whole”  

Find out more about the TRUTHS mission here.  

21 Sep 2021