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SuperFab opens at Royal Holloway, in association with NPL

UK’s first nanofabrication facility dedicated to superconducting quantum technologies opens at Royal Holloway, University of London

SuperFab is the first nanofabrication facility in the UK dedicated to superconducting quantum technologies, and it officially opened today at Royal Holloway, University of London. It is the result of a collaboration between Royal Holloway and the National Physical Laboratory (NPL). This new national facility houses highly advanced electronic nanofabrication equipment within a clean room and brings together some of the UK’s most experienced scientists in superconducting quantum technologies. This facility will support the National Quantum Technologies Programme enabling research and development in the areas of superconducting electronics including on superconducting qubits (quantum bits - basic elements of quantum computers), quantum sensors and communication devices. SuperFab has received key government support from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), together with contributions from globally renowned equipment suppliers, JEOL and Zeiss, and support from others including Lancaster University.

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) has a long history of successful collaboration with Royal Holloway on quantum technology through aligned research, joint appointments and co-funded studentships. NPL will be part funding a senior nanotechnologist to manage the facility and looks forward to continued collaborations with Royal Holloway on superconducting quantum technology.

Professor David Delpy, Chair of the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme Strategic Advisory Board, opened the new building, and said:

“The creation of Royal Holloway’s SuperFab facility represents a major step forward for the UK’s capability in the field of superconducting quantum devices and the international race to develop quantum technology.”

Dr Peter Thompson, CEO of the National Physical Laboratory, also gave a speech at the launch. He said:

“Royal Holloway’s SuperFab facility is a collaborative hub, where leaders in this field can come together, both from within the UK and internationally, to accelerate research on superconducting quantum technologies. This new facility is an important development to create opportunities for superconducting quantum technology in the UK, in particular to support the UK’s efforts in the field of quantum computing.”

The facility will be regularly used by researchers at NPL’s Quantum Metrology Institute and by members of the Royal Holloway Quantum Institute. It is open to UK based and international researchers working in academia or in industry on superconducting quantum technologies.

Find out more about the SuperFab facility, what NPL is doing in quantum and the work of the Quantum Metrology Institute.

02 Apr 2019