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Resilient Time for the Future

Webinar: The fundamentals of time for the Telecoms sector

Over the past few months we have all had to adjust and embrace new digital ways of working and as we emerge from lockdown, there is widespread acceptance that the future and our ‘new normal’ will result in the increasing reliance on a rapidly accelerating digital infrastructure.

Critical national infrastructure and digital communications networks are essential for the operation of national services such as telecommunications, energy networks, broadcast systems and financial trade. As well as these vital networks, the success of future digital innovations such as 5G communications, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence and smart cities, all depend on the transfer of data at higher speeds.

All of these rely on trusted, traceable and synchronised distribution of time and frequency and the assumption that we will always have the ubiquitous and pervasive GNSS for time is untenable, as our reliance increases and the vulnerabilities and threat to these weak signals, become ever more prolific and diverse.

Led by NPL, the National Timing Centre (NTC) programme, which commenced in summer 2019, aims to develop a secure time infrastructure at locations across the UK and will reduce reliance of critical national infrastructure on GNSS and its potential vulnerabilities.

As the home of UK time, NPL recognises the importance of timing and synchronisation, across all sectors, including telecoms, and the need to initiate the dialogue with a range of parties to understand the sector’s requirements and prospects for innovation. 

Therefore, NPL is hosting a webinar series, Resilient Time for the Future, to discuss the importance of trusted and assured time distribution. The first webinar, taking place on 30 September 2020, will be hosted by Dr Leon Lobo, Head of the NTC programme, in partnership with BT and will explore the current and future developments of timing within the telecoms sector.

Technical focus sessions, presented by Nokia, Calnex, ADVA and the Royal Institute of Navigations, will explore fixed and wireless infrastructure, monitoring and GNSS derived time. There will also be a chance to ask any time or synchronisation related questions during the two Q&A sessions, moderated by Stephen Douglas, Head of 5G Strategy at Spirent.

Additional webinars are planned within this Resilient Time for the Future webinar series, including Finance, Energy and Connect and Autonomous Vehicles at the end of 2020 and beginning of 2021.

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20 Aug 2020