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NPL providing skills to sectors underpinned by time and frequency

First National Timing Centre (NTC) programme Training Course Now Available

NPL have today launched a new free e-learning course: Introduction to Time and Frequency Measurement. This is the first course developed as part of the National Timing Centre (NTC) programme, and provides learners with an overview of time, frequency, atomic clocks, time scales and dissemination methods.

This course fills a need for introductory training in time and frequency for anyone interested in the subject, from students, entry-level scientists and engineers, to professionals in many different industry sectors for which time and frequency plays a role. It aims to provide:

  • A technical introduction to time and frequency, appropriate for learners at Regulated Qualifications Framework RQF level 3 (A level) or higher in STEM subjects
  • A starting point for further technical training and career development in science or industry sectors that rely on precision timing
  • A means of enhancing awareness of time and frequency among the STEM community

The course is part of the NPL Training e-learning platform and will include a certificate of completion for learners who successfully complete the four modules:

  • Module 1: Exploring the principles of time and frequency
  • Module 2: Introducing time scales
  • Module 3: Time and frequency dissemination
  • Module 4: Next steps in timekeeping

The field of time, frequency and synchronisation (TFS) is critical in sectors such as telecoms, emergency services, energy, finance and transport. This course is the first in a series from the NTC Programme that will help organisations to build skills in time and frequency to support   innovation in many existing and emerging sectors.

Find out more and sign up here:  

02 Nov 2021