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Gaining confidence in new and evolving technologies

Webinar: Placing our trust in data

Emerging technologies such as, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, 5G communications, Augmented Reality, Simulation testing and Additive Manufacturing will come to define our future: all are enabled by the effective use of data and that data must be trusted.

The International Underwriting Association (IUA) is hosting a webinar, Placing our trust in data: Gaining the confidence to insure new and evolving technologies, to address the importance of generating trusted data and providing the confidence needed to action on the information it provides.

Joining experts from the IUA will be NPL’s Andre Burgess, Strategic Business Development Manager, Louise Wright, Head of Science for Data Science, Dr Stefanos Giannis, Principal Scientist for Advanced Materials Characterisation and Dr Stuart Chalmers, Head of Digital Products.

As the UK’s National Metrology Institute, NPL aims to ensure the UK can harness digital and data infrastructure and technologies to allow successful digital transformation for the UK. Our challenge is to ensure that people have confidence in the UK’s digital technologies, and that these technologies will help to achieve prosperity, increased safety and competitive advantage globally. Ensuring confidence in the intelligent and effective use of data is at the heart of this challenge.

Join NPL data scientists and experts from the International Underwriting Association to hear about our work in building confidence in data to support more efficient design, test and manufacture cycles, great efficiencies in creation and delivery, and fewer operational mistakes.

The speakers will explore why, without the means to consistently measure the quality of data, it will become harder to reliably quantify the risk associated with decisions which are derived from data.

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03 Sep 2020