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NPL selected to take part in Festival UK*2022

NPL, in collaboration with partners, have been selected as one of 30 teams, out of 299 teams that applied, for the research and development phase of the Festival.

Festival UK* 2022 is a major UK-wide festival created to celebrate the best of UK Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM), commissioning ten large scale public engagement projects that will showcase the UK’s creativity and innovation to the world.

Thirty teams composed of an impressive and eclectic mix of people and organisations will take part in the festival and compete for one of the ten commissions. NPL is part of an exciting team that includes:

  • London Marathon Events (Hugh Brasher and Penny Dain, Lead Organisation)
  • Imperial War Museum (Ellie Head and Michael Hoeschen)
  • Welsh National Opera (Emma Flatley and Tianyi Lu)
  • NTS Live (Tabitha Thorlu-Bangura)
  • Dr Rashmi Becker
  • Kinjal Dave
  • Arcade (Jon Meggitt and Alex Book)

Sundeep Bhandari, Strategy Manager, Digital Sector, NPL states: A lot of the outcomes and impact that NPL generates is based on significant expertise in fundamental science.  What’s not often appreciated is that creativity is a massive part of the process. This isn’t the usual type of ‘project’ you’d associate us with, but the chance to work with this incredible team and the other teams in the process to deliver something that moves millions for the greater good, in a very different way, is awesome.”

Hugh Brasher, Event Director of team lead London Marathon Events, said: “We’re hugely excited by this amazing team and working together on a vision for engaging with millions of people in Great Britain and around the world. This is a wonderful opportunity to create a truly innovative project that will live long in people’s memories.”

Find out more about Festival UK* 2022 and the full set of teams here.

17 Nov 2020