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NPL organises major MRS Symposium

Beyond graphene - 'the most impactful Symposium at MRS'

The Beyond Graphene 2D Materials—Synthesis, Properties and Device Applications was one of 52 symposia held at the latest MRS Fall 2019 meeting (1-6 Dec 2019, Boston, USA). Inspired by the unique properties of graphene, the vast interest in “beyond graphene” 2D layered materials have been driven by the compelling properties (e.g. a direct bandgap with large exciton binding energies, valley polarization, magnetism and colossal piezoelectricity) of individual atomic layers compared to their bulk counterparts. The meeting focused on recent progress of novel devices enabled by 2D materials, particularly with recent developments in viable routes for large scale synthesis, doping and integration of monolayers, lateral and vertical heterostructures, and the emergence of 2D perovskites and hybrid organic-inorganic 2D heterostructures.

Olga Kazakova, Science Area Leader at NPL, together with colleagues from NIST, Berkeley and U Penn organised the Symposium. The world's foremost international scientific gathering for materials research, the MRS meeting showcases leading interdisciplinary research in both fundamental and applied areas presented by scientists from around the world. The Fall meeting annually attracts ca 6500 scientists from industry, research and academy.

Based on the quality of the presentations and organisation of the events, it has been voted as the most impactful symposium of the conference: a Key Lecture delivered by Sir Andre Geim; the largest and the most intense program, running from 9 am to 10 pm for 6 days; 2 out 10 poster winners and 2 out 12 student awards (out of thousands applicants and presenters) were linked to the Symposium. As the result of this success, the organisers have been invited to submit a perspective article and a review paper to major journals in 2020.

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06 Jan 2020