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NPL Fellow receives IOP award

Professor Bajram Zeqiri FREng awarded 2021 James Joule Medal and Prize

For his distinguished contributions to the development of acoustic measurement techniques and sensors; in particular, underpinning the provision of international standards enabling the safe clinical application of medical ultrasound, Professor Bajram Zeqiri FREng has been awarded the 2021 James Joule Medal and Prize from the Institute of Physics (IOP). 

Professor Zeqiri is NPL Fellow in Ultrasound and Head of Science for Medical Physics as well as a Visiting Professor with the UCL Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering. 

For over three decades, Professor Zeqiri's technical leadership and seminal research contributions to ultrasonic measurement have supported traceable calibration and specification standards that have been a major enabling factor in the widespread application of clinical ultrasound imaging. His research has generated a detailed understanding of sensors applied to the key, safety-relevant observables of acoustic pressure and acoustic power, ensuring their traceability to the relevant SI units. His measurement methodologies are embodied within International Specification Standards and ultimately underpin patient safety. 

Through his influential leadership, the NPL Ultrasound Group has established a global pre-eminence among National Metrology Institutes through the development of critical measurement devices and the understanding of their performance. This includes significant contributions to the global measurement and calibration infrastructure that ensures medical ultrasound techniques are applied safely and effectively. The majority of the world’s medical ultrasound equipment manufacturers carry out acoustic measurements directly traceable to Professor Zeqiri's group for regulatory compliance and to support emerging clinical techniques. 

Professor Zeqiri’s innovative research into acoustic cavitation measurement techniques is particularly noteworthy and has been instrumental in reawakening global interest in a difficult technical area.  Acoustic cavitation provides the driving force behind many industrial processes and ultrasound therapeutics.  

His passion for technical innovation is reflected in a string of patents and broader IP generation and collaboration with industrial partners has helped support the growth of UK SMEs and enabled adoption of his innovative ideas in a range of engineering applications. 

On this award, Professor Zeqiri said: I am absolutely delighted to have been awarded the James Joule Medal and Prize. It’s a huge honour for me and for the group of measurement scientists it has been my privilege to work with over the years. Ultrasound is a fantastic medical technology with huge clinical potential and I am exceptionally proud of the impact and reach of NPL’s work. 

29 Nov 2021