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NPL exhibited at the 6th annual UK National Quantum Technologies Showcase

The showcase was the opportunity for industry to engage with NPL on skills requirement aiding drive for UK to become a quantum economy

NPL exhibited at the 6th annual UK National Quantum Technologies Showcase on 6th November, which took place virtually for the first time.

NPL’s virtual stand presented the work of our Quantum Metrology Institute as part of the National Quantum Technologies Programme. In particular it will saw the launch of the Measurement for Quantum (M4Q) programme, which aims to support businesses to increase the speed of return on investment into quantum technologies by enabling new products to be brought to market more quickly and reliably.

As the UK drives towards its goal of being the first quantum ready economy in the world, the showcase presented an opportunity for those attending to see the sheer scope of NPL’s quantum capabilities all in one place. The expertise of NPL’s quantum scientists means the work undertaken spans the complete range of technologies being developed within the National Quantum Technologies Programme. This includes; atomic (quantum) clocks, quantum sensors and imaging, quantum communications, and quantum computing. This breadth of capability gives NPL a unique position and to establish the testing facilities required by the sector.

NPL has been a partner organisation within the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme since its inception in 2014, alongside other government agencies such as Innovate UK, EPSRC, STFC, and DSTL. NPL is a delivery partner in a large number of projects within the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) quantum programme working with industry-led consortiums applying NPL’s ability to accelerate the development of new components and new products based on quantum technology.

Furthermore, the NPL team has recently initiated a new set of projects alongside the university-based quantum technology hubs in which NPL scientists and hub scientists work towards shared objectives.

Recent funding from the Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy is enabling NPL to greatly expand the work conducted to establish a wide-ranging capability for the independent test and evaluation of new products based on quantum technologies. This is critical in building confidence in quantum for investors, end users, and manufacturers. NPL’s testing capability is expanding into new areas of technology and new areas geographically as the need for test and evaluation is sought within industry.

The showcase also offered the chance for NPL to engage with the wider quantum industry regarding the skills required to support the UK’s drive to become a quantum economy. A skills assessment will be conducted by NPL to ensure skills required for the sector’s future are addressed. If you'd like to participate, please find the skills survey here.

Head of the Quantum Metrology Institute, Dr Rhys Lewis, who will be delivering a presentation at the showcase states: “the annual National Quantum Technologies Showcase is always a fantastic opportunity for NPL to engage with industry. The pivot to a virtual event is a reminder that quantum technologies will play an important role in the future digital backbone for the UK. Over the last six months the way we live has been dominated by digital ways of working and living, only furthering the importance of the work we are doing as a quantum community in terms of the collection, connection and comprehension of data. The new 5-year UK quantum programme will see an enhanced quantum test and evaluation programme at NPL, with the Quantum Metrology Institute team working to support market growth for the UK.”

03 Nov 2020