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NPL celebrates Earth Day 2021

Earth Day is celebrated annually and sees global participation in raising awareness to the urgency of climate change.

We believe that every day is earth day with our scientists and engineers working daily to help address several challenges to help restore our Earth and tackle climate change; from helping to improve the quality of data collected through Earth Observation (EO) satellites, to improving confidence in environmental measurements. 

It is important for us to recognise all the ground-breaking work throughout our history that has paved the way for our work today. To celebrate Earth Day this year, we are showcasing the key points in our history which have laid the foundation for the work we do every day to support and restore our planet:

In 1920, we introduced materials testing and were able to measure properties including, strength, elasticity, ductility, hardness, abrasion resistance and impact resistance. Today NPL tests the effect of ageing and water absorption on mechanical properties of polymer composite materials.

In the early 1980s, we developed mobile laboratories capable of remote, range-resolved or integrated-path measurements of a wide range of trace gases at distances of up to several kilometres. In 1984, our mobile laboratories for environmental testing took to the road for the first time. Today, we are a world leader in high-fidelity measurements and have a mobile system operated from our DIAL truck that travels to sites to assess the composition of local air and measure for pollutants.

Throughout the day we will be sharing further highlights, follow us on social to find out more.

This year, with COP 26 due to take place in November, is pivotal in the race to mitigate the impacts of climate change. In the run up to the conference, we will continue to work with all parties to support climate action, provide scientific excellence and help lower emissions.

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22 Apr 2021