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NPL addresses skills gap in composite materials

New Composites Materials Standards and Certification course, designed by NPL

Composite materials are being used successfully in many applications, across a multitude of industry sectors but there is potential for them to be used more extensively. Currently covered in a number of engineering and materials further education courses, there is still a lack of specific, practical knowledge about how to design, test and use composite materials in new applications.

NPL has designed a new Composite Materials Standards and Certification course, which has been partially developed under a HEFCE Catalyst funded project. It is a Level 7 course, equivalent to a master’s degree, and designed for people who are already working with composite materials or have some knowledge of the subject.

Stefanos Giannis, Principal Research Scientist, NPL, said “NPL are really pleased to provide this high-level course on composite materials. We hope it will facilitate the use of composites in new applications for infrastructure, marine, medical, oil and gas, automotive, energy and aerospace sectors.”

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18 May 2021