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New NPL Fellow – Max Ryadnov

Professor Max Ryadnov appointed NPL Fellow in Biometrology

NPL Fellowship is a recognition of individual merit awarded to scientists who are making very significant contributions to NPL’s scientific achievements and standing. Professor Ryadnov is being acknowledged in recognition of his outstanding and pioneering contributions to metrology in biology and his scientific leadership at NPL and in the international community.

Professor Ryadnov leads the Biometrology research area at NPL and has built one of the first comprehensive biometrology areas in the world, with the primary mission of providing correlative biological measurements to industry and clinic.

His research cuts across different disciplines and focuses on measuring biology in a continuum of biological and physicochemical properties, from molecules to systems.

The value of this approach for translational research is already bearing fruit in the areas of National priority, including antimicrobial resistance, engineering biology and advanced therapies. To this effect, Professor Ryadnov has introduced and developed a toolbox of biologically relevant SI-traceable reference materials, calibrants and methods. The toolbox is offered to early adopters to meet an increasing demand for reproducibility and traceability of measurement results enabling them to develop higher accuracy instruments, applicable to biology, diagnostics and more effective therapeutics and bioprocesses.

Professor Ryadnov continuously provides metrology support for the bioeconomy in the UK, most recently he has laid the foundations to the National Centre for Engineering Biology, Metrology and Standards and introduced the first Cryo-transmission electron Microscopy capability at NPL.

Over the last 10 years, his contributions to physical and life sciences have been recognised by a NESTA Crucible Innovation Award, a SUPA lectureship in Chemical Physics with the University of Edinburgh and Fellowships in the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Royal Society of Biology.

Professor Ryadnov has made significant contributions to the scientific community with more than 120 peer-reviewed high impact papers (including primary reports in JACS, Nature Journals and PNAS), books and international patents.

Professor Ryadnov has also made major contributions to NPL’s external profile. He represents NPL in various standardisation and metrology committees, funding and editorial boards. He has established and chairs a technical working area in VAMAS, which hosts participants from over 20 countries and provides a pre-standardisation vehicle to support the uptake of life sciences innovations in industry.  

Read more about Professor Max Ryadnov’s career and work here

20 Jan 2021