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Measurement for Quantum

Scheme to accelerate the development of quantum products and services in the UK reopens

Following the success of round one of the Measurement for Quantum (M4Q) scheme, NPL is delighted to be reopening the scheme to new applications.  

M4Q provides UK businesses with quantum measurement advice and short-term measurement projects, of up 20 days, at no charge, to address measurement problems in innovative ways.  

The programme matches businesses with world-leading measurement scientists and engineers, techniques and quantum facilities only available at NPL. 

During the first round of the programme, NPL supported 16 companies, one of which was Intelliconnect, a leading manufacturer of radio frequency (RF) connectors, adaptors and cable assemblies.  

With increasing demands for low temperature electronic components to support the development of quantum computers based on cryogenic platforms (temperatures less than 1 kelvin). Intelliconnect required NPL’s support with a technical problem of bridging the boundary between a deep cryogenic quantum system and its room temperature control circuitry. 

Intelliconnect asked NPL to validate the reliable performance of their connector, including tests at low temperature. NPL’s tests have helped Intelliconnect characterise their component and demonstrate that these connectors, with their smaller footprint per channel, can support the scaling up of quantum device technology in the space-constrained environments of dilution refrigerators. 

By pairing the right expertise with the right challenge, we can accelerate quantum technologies pathway from science to application, embedding cutting edge science directly into the market place. 

We look forward to continuing to support UK companies in the year ahead through M4Q.  

Find out more about the scheme and apply here. 

21 Jul 2021