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Materials Research Exchange 2020

Highlighting wealth of UK materials research and investment opportunities

Fernando Castro, Head of Science for Materials Metrology at NPL, gave an invited talk about “International Strategy for Materials Metrology – enabling Global Trade and Innovation”, at the UK Advanced Materials Research Exchange & Innovation Showcase 2020 (19-20th February). Speaking as part of a session on International Collaboration, Fernando described NPL’s role in leading international materials metrology to support global trade and provide confidence in the update of advanced materials.

Showcasing ground-breaking new materials and their manufacturing process, the event aimed to accelerate bringing these innovations to the commercialisation stage. Organised by Innovate UK and the Knowledge Transfer Network, the showcase highlighted the wealth of UK materials research and investment opportunities.

Adoption of advanced materials is key for innovation and competitiveness, however the innovation cycle (from discovery to market adoption) takes too long, typically between 10 and 20 years as companies need confidence that materials will perform as required. Materials metrology provides that confidence and accelerates innovation leading to companies becoming more competitive.

For new materials, the standardisation process can be slow, but innovative companies need solutions quickly. Pre-standardisation through VAMAS, supports development of best practice in measurements to provide confidence and support to companies.

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21 Feb 2020