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  • Martyn Sené elected as President of the CIPM Consultative Committee on Ionizing Radiation

Martyn Sené: new appointment

Martyn Sené, NPL Deputy CEO appointed as President of the CIPM Consultative Committee on Ionizing Radiation

Consultative Committees (CCs) bring together the world's experts in their specified fields of metrology as advisers on scientific and technical matters to CIPM. There are 10 CCs covering the measurement domains of the SI, including one CC for units. The members – institutions and other bodies – of the Consultative Committees are agreed by the CIPM, and members then send delegates of their choice. The President of each CC is appointed by CIPM.

NPL is a member of all the CCs. However, Martyn is the first CC President from NPL for more than 25 years.

Martyn Sené

Martyn said: “I am honoured to be elected to this role and look forward to working with the community as we seek to ensure that the Ionizing Radiation components of the global measurement system are developed for the benefit of all members, and that our work is focussed on maximising the impact on end users.

"I am grateful to Wynand Louw from NMISA, my predecessor in the role, who is now President of the CIPM and who has done an excellent job during his period as CCRI President. I am also delighted to be working closely with Dr Steven Judge from BIPM, who is the Executive Secretary of CCRI and who many at NPL will know from his time working here.

The work of the CCRI benefits end-users of ionizing radiation, including:

  • Operators of the 450 nuclear power stations that produce 10% of the world’s electricity; and those working on the next generation of fission and fusion
  • Decommissioning and clean-up workers addressing the legacy wastes from both civil and defence nuclear activities
  • 22 million people across the world who are exposed to ionizing radiation in the workplace
  • Organisations charged with monitoring and controlling the use of nuclear material across the world
  • Organisations who use ionizing radiation for industrial purposes, including sterilising 12 million cubic metres of medical devices each year
  • The 17 million+ people diagnosed with cancer each year and those diagnosing and treating the disease with ever more sophisticated and effective nuclear medicine and therapeutic treatments
  • The people who deliver and receive the four billion diagnostic X-rays procedures each year

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23 Oct 2019