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Graphene characterisation webinar

The Graphene Council are running a series of webinars

Andrew Pollard, Science Area Leader at NPL, recently presented a ‘Graphene Characterisation Methods and Issues’ webinar 

The National Graphene Metrology Centre at NPL has been supporting the development of graphene through research into the associated characterisation and metrology. Dr Pollard leads NPL’s research into the structural and chemical characterisation of graphene and related 2D materials, with a focus on enabling industrial commercialisation in this area.

This webinar:

  • Covered NPL’s good practice guide (GPG) on the characterisation of the structure of graphene and how it fits into current iso standards, written in collaboration with the National Graphene Institute at the University of Manchester
  • Described the methods contained in the GPG and the standards, including why to use them and briefly how they work
  • Provided an overview of the most commonly used characterisation tools and methods, including SEM, TEM, AFM, Raman spectroscopy, BET (surface area). Pollard will also highlight other potential methods including XRD, XPS, TGA, FTIR, ICP-MS.
  • Discussed the importance and the issues around quality control (QC) methods for understanding batch-to-batch variation in a production environment that are required by industry and the difference between quantitative and qualitative measurements

Watch a recording of the webinar here.

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24 Apr 2020