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NPL supports development of novel carbon capture technology

NPL is working with C-Capture, a company based in Leeds, UK, who have developed a unique, solvent based technology to capture carbon dioxide (CO2).

During a two year project, NPL will test C-Capture’s process by performing a risk analysis to understand potential impurities that may be present in the captured CO2 stream and perform gas analysis at different stages of the pilot plant to provide real data for composition and purity.

There are many technologies that could assist the UK in reaching its target of net zero emissions by 2050, and by 2045 in Scotland, with investment in carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) identified as essential to this achievement as highlighted within the UK Government’s Ten Point Plan.

Removing and storing greenhouse gases such as CO2 before they can reach the atmosphere will be essential to decarbonising challenging sectors such as energy, cement and steel production. Further efforts are also being made to explore the option of utilising the captured COand C-Capture are currently exploring different options, supported by data provided by NPL. This is important work as CCUS provides an effective and necessary transitionary tool that will enable progress towards net zero.

C-Capture’s technology has been installed at Drax Power Station since February 2019, and is one of the technologies being evaluated as part of a pilot program to demonstrate carbon negative power production. As the UK’s National Metrology Institute, and following the recent publication of its new ‘Energy Transition: Measurement needs for carbon capture usage and storage’ report, NPL is well placed to support C-Capture and ensure CCUS continues to gain momentum as a promising technology in the UK’s energy transition.

Sam Bartlett, Higher Research Scientist, NPL said:

“I am really excited to be working closely with C-Capture and using our gas measurement capabilities to help support wider uptake of their novel carbon capture technology. The work they are doing is critical to achieving the UK’s net zero targets and it is reassuring to know that they value the importance of high-quality measurements as much as we do at NPL”

Dr Douglas Barnes, C-Capture’s Head of Chemistry, C-Capture said:

“As we optimise our innovative carbon capture technology for a variety of applications, it is important we are able to quantify the purity of CO2 produced with the highest level of certainty. By working with experts at NPL we are developing the measurement techniques necessary to do this”.

27 Apr 2021