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NPL and Vironova announce collaboration to further UK life science research

NPL will host Vironova’s MiniTEM™ system (Transmission Electron Microscope) in a new collaboration

NPL have entered into a collaboration with Vironova, which sees Vironova’s MiniTEM system (Transmission Electron Microscope) hosted in NPL’s Biometrology laboratory.

The microscope provides a valuable extension to NPL’s Electron microscopy capability, expanding the laboratory’s imaging facilities, increasing the scope of work, and helping to power the UK’s life science sector. The investment in equipment is indicative of NPL’s ongoing commitment to ensuring metrology underpins the UK’s leadership position in life science research.

Scientists at NPL use metrology, the science of measurement, to answer some of the UK’s key challenges in life science and health and in doing so, assist in the acceleration of innovative new drugs and therapies. The NPL team develop an improved understanding, characterisation and standardisation of biological systems and methods to underpin the delivery of novel therapeutics. The collaboration with Vironova and access to the MiniTEM system at NPL will support NPL’s activities in these areas, by complementing existing high-resolution EM capabilities. It will also help to fast track research through delivery of a greater, early stage understanding of new and advanced therapies.

The laboratory’s expanding capabilities and state-of-the-art equipment will help NPL to deliver confidence in well defined, comparable data sets that underpin successful new drug candidate prioritisation decisions and research programmes and support the UK’s bioeconomy.

Dr Emiliana De Santis, Senior Scientist at NPL, said, “We are delighted to have entered into the collaboration with Vironova. The combination of NPL’s expertise in Biometrology and Vironova’s electron microscopy imaging and analysis technology, will promote the development of standardised methods and materials for advanced therapies, with a significant impact on the gene therapy and vaccine industries.  Developing metrology that underpins the understanding of biological systems is at the heart of our research programmes, to provide greater reproducibility in life science research. The continued development of the UK as a world leader in life science research is a key goal for NPL and providing confidence in the data that underpin the development of new therapeutics is a key element of delivering that goal.”

Dr Saba Hussein Gore, Applications Manager and Senior Scientist at Vironova, said, “The Vironova-NPL partnership is a perfect match for expanding analysis methodologies in nanoparticle characterisation. By working together, we can contribute to the advanced therapeutics field at a time when the UK is putting substantial emphasis on gene therapy innovation.

We are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration to address the challenges we see and hear from life science industries concerning reliable and reproducible analyses and standardisation in this rapidly evolving field.”

28 Apr 2021