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Building a workforce fit for the future

High Value Manufacturing Catapult and partners, including NPL, have launched an important report to build a workforce fit for the future.

Repeated surveys show that 80% of UK manufacturers struggle to recruit the talents they need to compete and anticipate increasing recruitment pressures linked to the pace of technological change. They are also struggling to access the quantity and quality of provision necessary to upskill their current workforce.

The High Value Manufacturing (HVM) Catapult, with partners from NPL and TWI and support from the Gatsby Foundation, have worked to identify and capture good practice on the development of the future workforce and how centres of innovation in other countries successfully contribute. The Manufacturing the Future Workforce report finds that truly successful innovation is dependent on the availability of the right skills needed for its full exploitation.

The report highlights that there is a very real opportunity for the UK to catch up with, and then secure, a competitive advantage from its research and innovation communities. The report's recommendations set out a blueprint for the UK to do this, by leveraging those communities' knowledge and understanding in a Skills Value Chain - from foresighting skills needs and supporting national standards, to developing modular training and lifelong learning models, centres of innovation and industry can lead the way. 

Dick Elsy, Chief Executive of the HVM Catapult, said: “This report demonstrates how the HVM Catapult and other centres of innovation can convene resources and expertise to increase impact on national and local economies. We are keen to build an alliance with government, industry and education providers to provide the best workforce for future needs.”


30 Jan 2020