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Air quality monitoring project to receive award

Breathe London, a pollution monitoring network NPL is a partner of, is receiving a Smart City Connect Smart 50 Award this year for digital transformation.

The awards annually recognise global smart cities projects, honouring the most innovative and influential work.  

The Breathe London project combines state-of-the-art technology with new data analytics to better understand Londoner’s exposure to air pollution. NPL forms part of a consortium of experts which includes: the Environmental Defense Fund Europe; Google Earth Outreach; Air Monitors Ltd; Cambridge Environmental Research Consultants; the University of Cambridge; and King's College London.

NPL’s role as part of this initiative, includes providing measurement traceability by carrying out calibrations in ensure the mobile air quality monitoring equipment is operating accurately. As part of this exercise, NPL is also running colocation studies for the instruments measuring particles against reference at our monitoring station, thereby maximising the impact of this study.

The project is informing how new sensing technology can supplement regulatory networks in areas where pollution is affecting people’s health across the globe. Knowing where pollution is most acute, who’s impacted by it and who’s responsible for it makes for highly actionable information – for communities, governments and companies. 

Dr Nick Martin, Senior Research Scientist in the Emissions and Atmospheric Metrology Group at NPL said:

“NPL is very proud to be part of the innovative Breathe London project. This is the first pilot study of its kind in the world, delivering hyperlocal pollution data to citizens and providing the scientific community with the new tools to run the Air Quality Networks of the future.”

27 Jan 2020