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Researchers share their work at STEM for Britain

Two scientists from NPL attended STEM for Britain on 9th March to present their research.

STEM for Britain is an exhibition of posters by early-career research scientists, engineers and mathematicians.

STEM for Britain raises the profile of Britain’s early-stage researchers at Westminster by engaging Members of both Houses of Parliament with current science, engineering and mathematics research being undertaken in the UK. 

Jasmine Bone, an EngD at NPL, presented her research on the durability of composites in marine environments. Her research particularly looks at how materials that are used for wind turbines and subsea platforms break down under environmental conditions and looking at how that degradation then affects the material performance.

Hans Becker, Higher Research Scientist at NPL, presented his poster on the metrology of water electrolysers. This technology powers the hydrogen refuelling station at NPL and his research highlights the opportunity in substituting expensive components with cheaper alternatives.

Both Hans and Jasmine had the chance to talk to a range of people about their research and NPL. An important aim of the event was to encourage interaction between parliament and researchers. MP for Twickenham, Munira Wilson attended the event and engaged with both about their work.

Whilst an overall win wasn’t on the cards for this year, Jasmine, who tweeted throughout the day, won the prize for “Tweet of the Session” and was presented with a bottle of champagne as her prize. 


10 Mar 2020