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Measurement for Recovery

Measurement at Home

New STEM initiative, Measurement at Home, launched by NPL, the home of UK measurement

Today, NPL is kicking off a new measurement challenge series, Measurement at Home led by Outreach Manager, Andrew Hanson MBE.

As the UK’s National Metrology Institute NPL recognises not only the importance of promoting STEM activities and inspiring the next generation, but also the requirement to educate on the vital role metrology (the science of measurement) plays in our everyday lives.

Getting everyone of all ages engaged and interested in science, maths and engineering is key to improving UK prosperity and is one of NPL’s missions as a Public Sector Research Establishment and National Laboratory. Through these weekly challenges, NPL hopes to create a measurement community that virtually brings science into households nationally and globally.

We are all familiar with snap, crackle and pop but, when it comes to your breakfast cereal, do you know how strong your flakes are?

The first challenge is a test of force, you’ll need to find the breaking point of cereal, investigate if cereal type affects your results and explore the importance of size.

NPL runs, designs and checks similar tests on materials for engineers to make the world safer.

Full instructions and the results submission form can be found here.

Each week we’ll be announcing a new challenge, follow us on social media to join the measurement community and share pictures of your tests using the hashtag #MeasurementAtHome  

11 May 2020