Measurement for our planet
Measurement for our planet

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Measurement for Recovery (M4R)

Building confidence in the future

The Measurement for Recovery programme is currently closed to new applications; however we encourage registering your interest to be informed about future funding.

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Helping UK industry to build back better 

The Measurement for Recovery (M4R) programme, led by NPL was developed to help UK companies gain access to the expertise and resources of the UK’s measurement science experts, to help them innovate and grow post COVID.

The programme provides up to 20 days of specialist expertise to solve businesses measurement challenges at no charge. Through M4R, we are helping companies to address challenges facing their business, including design, manufacturing, production and processing, regulatory compliance and product development. 

The programme is funded by the Department for Business, Energy, Innovation and Skills (BEIS) and is a collaboration between NPL and National Measurement System laboratory partners

LGC Design unit NIBSC NEL Funded by BEIS

Driving revenue, investment and reducing costs

76% of companies said their commercial opportunity has greatly or moderately increased as a result of their M4R project
60% of companies expect to secure more investment for their project from either investment or internal sources
68% of applicants expect to see increased sales in new or existing markets as a result of their M4R project
37% of applicants expect to see reduced costs through decreased production or material costs as a result of the M4R work

Measurement for Recovery is helping UK companies

M4R has supported more than 400 business across all regions of the UK. Over 80% of applicants are micro or small companies, many of whom are accessing R&D expertise for the first time.

Companies are saying M4R has provided:

  • Increased confidence in investment decisions
  • Accelerated product development and innovation
  • Improved competitiveness through reduced costs
  • Increased sales in new and existing markets.

What successful applicants are saying about M4R

The Measurement for Recovery support will enable us to access the globally recognised scientific expertise at NPL, helping accelerate our technology development and bring our unique long duration energy storage solution to market to support the ongoing transformation of the energy system as part of the transition to a low carbon future.

Tim von Werne - CEO, RFC Power Ltd

The Measurement for Recovery programme has been hugely beneficial to us as an early-stage organisation where access to this level of support and expertise may not have otherwise been possible.

Lorenzo Conti - CEO, Crover

To learn more about how our expertise, capabilities and world-class laboratory facilities help companies across the UK, read our case studies below.

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Innovative carrier keeps vaccines cold as they are transported to remote locations


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Validating a rapid analysis tool for monoclonal antibodies


Case study

Guaranteeing the performance of ultra-high-vacuum components


Case study

Commercialising self-cleaning face masks to combat COVID-19 waste


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