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Accelerating hepatitis diagnosis in high incidence regions

NPL is part of a UK–China collaborative project developing a sensor made from graphene to provide an easy, low-cost method of diagnosing hepatitis on the spot. This will be the first sensor to simultaneously test for three types of hepatitis – A, B and C – out of the five types that exist, and will provide an alternative to blood tests.

Hepatitis is a huge global health problem, with nearly 400 million people worldwide affected, resulting in over 1.4 million deaths per year. The project aims to develop a prototype and establish the reliability, stability and sensitivity of the sensor in preparation for its commercialisation. It is estimated that if the sensor is produced in large quantities, each device could cost as little as £1.

Supported by the UK’s Newton Fund and led by Biovici, this multi-partner project brings together NPL, the University of Chongqing, Swansea University and CTN to develop this new diagnostic technology.

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