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Resilient Time for the Future for Telecoms

Webinar: The fundamentals of time for the Telecoms sector
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A range of experts from across the telecommunications industry and research will come together for the first in the Resilient Time for the Future webinar series.

BT logoJoin NPL and BT to learn how time and synchronisation has developed over the past decades and about the fundamentals of traceable time and distribution.

Technical Focus Sessions will be presented on fixed and wireless infrastructure, monitoring, and GNSS derived time, to give you a solid foundation of how time is used and distributed in telecoms. The sessions will be delivered by Nokia, Calnex, ADVA, and the Royal Institute of Navigation.

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Wednesday 30th September, 1500hrs (BST)


Speakers include:

  • NPL – Dr Leon Lobo, Head of the National Timing Centre programme
  • BT – Mike Gilson, Technical Specialist
  • NPL – Setnam Shemar, Senior Research Scientist
  • Spirent – Stephen Douglas, Head of 5G Strategy (webinar moderator)
  • Nokia – Matthew Baker, Head of Radio Physical Layer & Coexistence Standardisation
  • ADVA – Nir Laufer, Senior Director
  • Calnex – Tim Frost, Strategic Technology Manager
  • Royal Institute of Navigation – John Pottle, Director

Agenda (2 hours):

  • Overview of timing in Telecoms
    • History of Time and Frequency in Telecoms
    • UTC and traceable time dissemination
    • Q&A
  • Technical Focus Sessions
    • Provision of Time and Synchronisation via the 5G Network
    • Mitigating satellite-derived time vulnerabilities using a systems-thinking approach
    • Optical Channel Timing – delivering sub-50 nanosecond over long distance commercial WDM networks
    • Testing Time for 5G
    • Q&A for Technical Focus sessions



The National Timing Centre programme is paving the way for trusted and assured time and frequency across the UK. NPL is the home of UK time, from here accurate timing is supplied to key locations, such as the financial hub in London. Funded by UKRI’s Strategic Priorities Fund, the National Timing Centre (NTC) programme is working to develop an infrastructure of secure locations across the UK, providing a basis for resilient time distribution across the country.


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30th September