Measurement for Recovery
Measurement for Recovery

Innovation webinars

The wealth of ideas, knowledge and intellectual property from UK public sector organisations highlight how the UK can be a leading science superpower. These webinars will showcase how real game changing ideas and opportunities can be harnessed to boost UK industry, create new jobs and make a real difference to everyday life.

UK public sector organisations are now leading and enabling a new generation of radical innovations. The expertise found within science laboratories is driving ground-breaking research and development and delivering these games changing ideas into the hands of the customers.


Ideas can change the world

Guaranteed to inspire, these talks will demonstrate the parallels between real-life applications and the global issues facing society in 2020. Join us to see how collaboration between the public and private sector can accelerate the development of new technologies to keep us all healthy, reduce pollution, explore space and more. 

  • Learn how other organisations are spinning out their game changing ideas 
  • Find new opportunities for collaboration and investment 
  • Discover the untapped innovations that will impact UK industry 
  • Understand how organisation are constantly learning and sharing

Hear from the experts

This is a chance to hear directly from the scientists and innovators currently developing next generation technologies. The UK public sector has an established track record of cutting-edge science. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, industry and policy makers.

Hear from HM Treasury on their strategy for unlocking innovation in the public sector, as well as from Ploughshare Innovations, Celsius Health and The Royal Mint on their revolutionary innovations being developed and applied to the healthcare industry.

Next upcoming webinar, 10 September, 11:00

Innovation for imaging and environmental impact

Find out about how imaging is having amazing impact in healthcare and beyond, hear how these innovators are changing the world and how environmental innovation can impact on societal challenges. 

  • Chaired and hosted by Simon Devonshire, NPL’s Entrepreneur in Residence. 
  • Focused talks from the innovators with time for questions and discussion.

Game changing technology finds previously uncoverable fingerprints
Graham Farnsworth, Head of IP, Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl)

New fingerprint technology is now in use both in the US and UK with fingerprints being obtained where previously it was impossible, and cold case files being re-opened. Through a collaborative approach, bringing in the legal and technical skills in Dstl and the Home Office, alongside the technology transfer skills of Ploughshare, a licensable technology pack was developed, and a licensee found to invest PV funds in the technology to take it to the market. 

Pioneering ultrasound breast imaging systems to improve cancer outcomes
Prof Bajram Zeqiri, NPL Fellow, National Physical Laboratory

Professor Bajram Zeqiri will discuss how NPL has pioneered a new, less invasive breast cancer diagnosis which will be particularly effective for younger or Asian populations. This new technique enables a standardised high-quality image without the need for highly-skilled operators.

Precision-guided cancer surgery using sensors and imaging
Dr Kunal Vyas, Head of Research & Fran Oldfield, Creative Product Designer, Lightpoint Medical 

Lightpoint Medical is driving the next wave of robotic surgery which will bring advanced sensing and imaging capabilities into the operating room. Robotic surgery is transforming cancer treatment, however surgeons remain dependent on their naked eye to detect cancer during surgery. Cancer can be left behind or healthy tissue is removed. Tools which can more accurately detect cancer during surgery will improve patient outcomes and reduce complications and healthcare costs. 

The 100,000 genomes project
Carl Smith, Head of Commercial Delivery, Genomics England

Genomics England is analysing - known as 'sequencing' - 100,000 genomes of people in the UK with rare diseases and cancer. The aim is to stimulate innovative research, deliver greater medical insights and transform genetics health services. Some people may also receive a conclusive diagnosis for the first time.

Unlocking the power of plants to create biologics and rapid response vaccines
Dr Claire A Fowler, Process Development Scientist, Leaf Expression Systems 

Leaf Expression Systems are specialists in plant-based expression and production of proteins, antibodies, enzymes, vaccines and complex natural products for research and commercial applications for both human and animal health. The versatile technology enables rapid production of biologics in reduced timescales compared to conventional bioreactor-based platforms. Plant-based drugs and vaccines that may otherwise never benefit patients can be a commercial reality.

Innovation to support UK’s high-tech industry, 8 October, 11:00

Discover how innovation can help revolutionise existing industries and boost new ones. 

  • Speakers will include Luffy AI, Met Office and NPL.
  • Chaired and hosted by Simon Devonshire, NPL’s Entrepreneur in Residence.

29th July - 8th October

29 July, 10 September & 8 October


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