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Electromagnetic Materials Measurements and Applications

A UK Community of Interest Activity on Characterising Electromagnetic Materials at RF, Microwave and THz Frequencies

An introductory meeting for an Electromagnetic Materials Measurements and Applications Community of Interest (EMMA-CoI).

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL), in collaboration with the DSTL Advanced Materials Programme (AMP) and the UK Metamaterials Network (UKMMN), is seeking to set up a UK Community of Interest (CoI) Group to reflect the ongoing and developing requirements for electromagnetic (EM) materials metrology. It would aim to act as a focal point and discussion forum for the electromagnetic materials research and development activities across the UK. The community of interest is positioned to be a collaborative community addressing novel techniques, issues and activities of mutual interest across UK Industry, Universities and UK Government organizations working in metrology and characterisation communities.

The community of interest will focus specifically on EM materials measurement issues - for example on techniques, requirements for new techniques, on standards, on access to suitable measurement facilities and on better understanding of metrological issues - all with the intention of improving our confidence in our EM materials measurements and reducing our measurement uncertainties. It will cover RF, Microwave and THz EM Materials Metrology of all kinds, encompassing solid materials, dielectric and magnetic materials, composites, materials for communications and electronics (e.g. substrates, packaging), metamaterials, liquids, biological materials and functional materials – at all scales from nano to macro.

An inital meeting will be held at NPL, Teddington, on Thursday 7 March 2024. There will be no charge for attending this meeting. It will be open to UK engineers and scientists with an interest in EM materials measurement and characterisation at RF, Microwave and THz frequencies. At this meeting we will aim to establish a longer-term scope for the EMMA-CoI, which could include the following:

  • Workshops on measurement and its uncertainties;
  • Inter-laboratory measurement comparisons;
  • Themed round table discussions on communities of best practice;
  • Publication of guidance documents on RF, Microwave and THz materials metrology.

It is intended that future meetings of the EMMA CoI will take place at other relevant laboratories and organisations in the UK. This will allow researchers to demonstrate their work, measurement capabilities and approaches. EMMA CoI participants will have the opportunity to discuss their ongoing measurement challenges with like-minded colleagues to facilitate the maintenance and development of the UK’s needs across the skills, expertise and facilities capability space.

At present our plans for the meeting on 7 March are as follows:

We are encouraging personal attendance at this meeting in order to foster easy exchange of ideas and facilitate new connections between UK engineers and scientists. Some sessions may additionally be available on-line (to be confirmed).  

The meeting will start at 10:00 and finish around 16:30 (NB. This may change).

We invite Papers and Posters on RF, Microwave & THz EM Materials Metrology for presentation at the meeting covering:

  • New measurement techniques
  • Improved techniques,
  • Requirements
  • Traceability
  • Uncertainty
  • Calibration
  • Validation and verification

Poster sessions will be held at the beginning of the day and at coffee and lunch times.

At the end of the day, tours will be conducted visiting relevant NPL laboratories. Due to limitations on allowable numbers, tours will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis and will be bookable at registration on the day.


Participants wishing to present a paper or a poster at this meeting should submit an abstract for consideration using this form. A member of the organising committee will be in touch after receiving the submission.


  1. This is a one-day meeting, so the number of presentations will have to be limited. 
  2. Acceptance of papers and posters for the meeting will depend upon their compliance with the remit of the CoI (as described above).
  3. The information in all papers and discussions will effectively be passing out into the Public Domain. Material contained in the presentation or poster must be owned by the delegate sumbitting or they must have the relevant permissions to use such material.


With sufficient support it is possible that EMMA CoI will be able to undertake similar activities to those of the EMMA-Club which was run by NPL for nearly 20 years (1995 – 2014). EMMA-Club not only organised meetings but also workshops on measurement uncertainty, measurement comparisons between labs and published Tech Notes. The CoI aims to be sensitive to the ongoing evolution of metrology and materials characterisation challenges in today’s fast-moving environment. 

If you are unable to attend the meeting but are still interested in joining the community of interest, please register your details here, for us to get in touch in the future

7th March

10:00 -
16:30 GMT


NPL, Teddington, UK

Register here