Measurement for our planet
Measurement for our planet

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Virtual Conference on Applied Radiation Metrology 2021

Virtual CARM 2021 is the latest in a series of conferences run by NPL for the nuclear metrology community

Registration is now open for this year's virtual Conference on Applied Radiation Metrology.

Virtual CARM is the latest in a series of conferences run by NPL for the nuclear metrology community, bringing together expertise from areas including nuclear medicine, the nuclear industry, manufacturers, radioanalytical laboratories and academia. The meeting is a great opportunity to keep up-to-date on progress in the nuclear metrology sphere and to network with colleagues across a wide range of sectors.

The virtual Nuclear Medicine Metrology Meeting will hold daily sessions dedicated to recent advances in nuclear medicine and the underpinning measurement challenges. The topics include medical radiochemistry and production, development of standards, imaging, dosimetry and artificial intelligence.

vCARM will also include sessions on security and resilience, nuclear decay data, radiological characterisation, and advances in neutron metrology.

Triskem International will be running a virtual user group meeting on developments in radiochemical separation applications, and vCARM will also incorporate meetings of the Ionising Radiation Metrology Forum (IRMF).

Please register for all the sessions you would like to attend. Links will be sent for each individual session before the conference begins.

A draft agenda can be found here.

A final agenda will be sent out to all registered delegates on 1st November.

22nd - 26th November



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