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Measurement for our planet

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Electronics reliability: update your knowledge

We have a selection of past webinars which can be accessed following the links below.


  • Fundamentals of PCB Reliability Testing Methods – Presentation recording – slides
  • New Electronic Materials Research Programme and Collaboration Opportunities – Presentation recording – slides
  • Effect of high voltage (up to 1000V) on Dendrite Failures and Conductive Anodic Filament (CAF) Failures of Electronic Circuits - Presentation recording Slides
  • Failure Modes in High Voltage Systems for Automotive and Aerospace: An Overview of Partial Discharge - YouTube - PDF 


  • ‘Are tin-plated components a reliability time-bomb? An update on long term whisker testing at NPL and the importance of good coating coverage’ - YoutubePDF
  • Comparison and evaluation of rapid test methods of conformal coatings - Youtube - PDF
  • Challenges in Electronics Reliability - YoutubePDF
  • A New Draft Standard for Condensation Testing - Youtube - PDF


  • Evaluation of embedded electronics for use in harsh environments - Youtube - PDF
  • Effect of bias (up to 1000 V) on conductive anodic filament (CAF) failures of electronic circuits - Youtube - PDF

  • Increasing the performance of organic PCBs at higher temperatures - Youtube - PDF


  • Improved condensation testing to evaluate protection performance of conformal coatings - PDF
  • Characterisation and testing of hydrophobic & water resistant coatings: The next generation in coating technology? - Youtube - PDF
  • SIR, CAF and condensation testing for electronic assemblies - Youtube - PDF
  • Reliability and fitness for purpose testing of flexible and wearable electronics - Youtube - PDF
  • 1000 days of testing Sn whiskering PCB assemblies to determine the suitability of conformal coatings - Youtube - PDF


  • Electrical metrology for flexible and printed electronics - Youtube - PDF
  • Electrical performance of organic substrate materials and coatings aged at high temperature - Youtube - PDF
  • Techniques for the characterization of printed electrode and sensor materials - Youtube - PDF
  • Characterisation of high temperature component interconnect materials - Youtube - PDF


  • Solder joint and cleanliness reliability assessment in production (Sweden project) - Youtube - PDF
  • How good are conformal coatings at preventing Sn Whisker failures? - Youtube - PDF
  • Impact of surface mount rework on reliability - Youtube - PDF
  • High temperature electronic joining webinar - Youtube - PDF
  • Testing solder mask for assembly process compatibility - Youtube - PDF


  • How to avoid conductive anodic filaments (CAF) - Youtube - PDF


  • Using surface insulation resistance (SIR) to qualify production processes & materials - Youtube - PDF
  • Solderability assessment – testing, ageing & practical impact on assembly yield - Youtube - PDF
  • Effectiveness of baking to remove moisture from between PCB ground planes - Youtube - PDF
  • How to test and qualify packages with scanning acoustic microscopy (SAM) - Youtube - PDF

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