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PPE testing and consultation services

Consultancy and testing that meet UK standards

NPL provides a range of consultancy and testing services to help manufacturers and end user organisations ensure their PPE is fit for purpose and meets UK standards. Our range of services include:


  • Support in understanding and interpreting standards and testing procedures for face masks, face shields and other PPE, and the path to approval
  • Design consultancy for face shields and face masks
  • Support with innovation for PPE to produce the next generation of products

Testing Services

  • Testing products against the most critical EN requirements
  • Comparison with a database of approved CE marked products giving insight to product grade
  • Non-standard testing of novel product features using NPL’s broad scientific base.
  • Helping end user organisations to screen unfamiliar and non-CE marked PPE to eliminate the unsafe products from their supply chain.

We have developed test capabilities linked to the three most critical performance parameters. For surgical and PPE face masks this includes criteria such as flow resistance, particle penetration and fluid resistance to support rapid testing of new designs and existing products.

NPL’s work with industry, and in understanding the standards required, means designers and manufacturers can be assured of achieving certification. Ensuring that their products can be put into production in good time and, more importantly, will be safe to use.

At a critical stage in our product’s development, being able to use NPL’s knowledge of its intended application, their validation capabilities and their wider network of experts was especially helpful.
After one short conference call to capture our requirements, NPL were able to return testing simulation results to us within 48hrs.
This helped us expedite the design process, gave us greater confidence of the expected outcome and enabled us to progress the relevant approvals much quicker than anticipated.

Neil Clarke - Head of Ideas & Innovation, Gripple)

Practical ways we help our customers

  • Provide advice on:
    • Suitability of designs (likelihood of meeting certification)
    • Selection of suitable materials including data sheet analysis
    • Testing requirements taking account of why products fail testing
    • Interpretation of relevant standards
  • Signposting to Notified Bodies, open-source designs, other manufacturers, materials or suppliers
  • Loan of ‘Standard Heads’ for fitting and testing purposes
  • Some physical testing to help determine if new designs will meet testing requirements before formal submission to a Notified Body
  • Some modelling of tests on prototype designs
  • Provision of basic test rig designs to allow hospitals to undertake simple QC tests for some critical functions of masks (this would not be in place of formal testing by a Notified Body)

PPE face mask testing services

Understanding the standards for PPE


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