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Cavitation in pumps and flow systems

The use of liquid pumps is inherent in flow systems of all types, and cavitation in pumps is well known: it causes process inefficiencies, and leads to costly failures of industrialsystems. Pumps are estimated to consume 14% of the UK's total electricity, so there is a clear need to develop reliable methods for quantifying cavitation occurring in flow systems, which should lead to extensive energy savings through better pump selection, installation and operation.

NPL has carried out some initial 'proof of concept' measurements of cavitation occurring in pumps and flow systems: however, this new research area will commence with a scoping study which will be carried out in collaboration with users. From this, an experimental programme will be devised that will involve development of measurement techniques at NPL and trialling of these at UK user sites.

For more information: Mark Hodnett

Last Updated: 29 Mar 2012
Created: 29 May 2007


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