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Training courses on instrumentation and methods for medical ultrasound

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Medical ultrasound training course
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NPL offers a training in output measurements for medical ultrasound equipment, both therapeutic and diagnostic. Collaborative 'hands on' workshops, run in conjunction with the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (IPEM) provide users with the opportunity to use test equipment.

Bespoke training courses are also offered to meet user needs, and can include modules on a wide variety of topics including (but not limited to): standards, use of hydrophones and radiation force balances, thermal effects of ultrasound and HIFU measurements.


The Ultrasound Measurement Club promotes information exchange on calibration, measurement and testing for medical ultrasound and associated International Standards.

Facilities are available for the calibrating and testing of:

  • Hydrophones
  • Radiation force balances
  • Check sources
  • Ultrasound beam calibrators

Facilities are also available for determining the acoustic output of the following types of medical ultrasonic equipment:

  • Diagnostic imaging systems
  • Pulsed and continuous-wave Doppler systems
  • Physiotherapy equipment

Facilities are being established for determining:

  • Heating from medical ultrasound systems
  • Sensitivity of foetal Doppler heart beat detectors
  • Acoustic output of lithotripters

Membership is free and the group's meeting is typically held biennially.


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