National Physical Laboratory

Acoustics Facilities

NPL's Ultrasound & Underwater Acoustics Group's role is underpinned by its world-leading, specialist, and often unique, purpose-built facilities.


  • Primary Standard Calibration of Hydrophones by Optical Interferometry
  • Hydrophone Comparison Calibration Facility
  • 10 Axis Beam Plotting Facility
  • Secondary Beam Plotting Facility
  • Primary Standard Radiation Force Balance
  • Reference Radiation Force Balance Power Measurement
  • Buoyancy Target Power Measurement Facility
  • Thermal Test Object Rig
  • Thermal Imaging Rig
  • Tissue Mimic Manufacture
  • Materials Testing Facility
  • Speed of Sound Measurement Rig

Underwater Acoustics

  • Primary Standard Underwater Acoustic Coupler Reciprocity Facility
  • Acoustic Pressure Vessel
  • Wraysbury Open Water Facility
  • Large Open Tank
  • Small Open Tank


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