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Measurement Network Solid State Lighting (SSL)

Solid State Lighting has the potential to revolutionise the efficiency, appearance and quality of lighting as we know it.


Metrology for Solid State Lighting

This European Metrology Research Programme project aims to develop and validate traceable measurement methods for solid-state lighting products, including optical, electrical, thermal and materials properties.

The project has produced a portable exhibition stand to encourage consumer acceptance of solid state lighting (SSL) products. The stand provides a comparison between SSL products and existing lighting technologies, such as incandescent and compact fluorescent lamps.

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Paul Miller talks about measuring the quantity and quality of light from different light sources.

The candela
The candela is the SI base unit relating to luminous intensity.

High Efficiency Lighting
Presented by Emma Woolliams.

SSL is the most energy efficient lighting technology. It is predicted to be typically twice as energy efficient as fluorescent lamps and ten times more efficient than incandescent lamps, although current products are still in their early stages.

As electricity used for lighting accounts for 20% of the global grand total, we can obtain considerable reduction of energy consumption by replacing conventional lighting products with SSL technology.

NPL is supporting new energy efficient lighting technologies by providing unique measurement facilities to measure the quantity and quality of light. Better measurement will lead to lighting technologies that end-users both like and trust, and help realise the full benefits of energy efficient lighting.

Best practice in LED street lighting

Downloadable presentations from measurement experts, LED manufacturers, large users and small businesses who presented at this event, held at NPL on 4 December 2012, are now available.

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Lighting in lumens
Why change lighting labelling from watts to lumens?

Energy Efficient Lighting Science poster

Case Study: MHA Lighting
NPL worked with MHA Lighting to help them independently verify the efficiency and quality of their energy efficient lighting products

Case Study: Luminanz 
NPL worked with UK company Luminanz to help them accurately demonstrate the reliability of their LED products through specialised temperature measurement techniques.


Passing the test
Lux magazine, November 2012, Dr Paul Miller

Measure for Measure
Lighting magazine, 21 December 2010, Dr Paul Miller


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